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Sophos security offers holistic network software for all-round protection

Sophos is an industry-leading solution that protects network environments from coordinated threats. As both networks and cyberattacks grow more complex, real-time threat analysis and communication with endpoint devices are critical to remain proactive in the fight against cybercrime. Sophos shares information across all of its devices to quickly identify and isolate suspicious patterns within your environment while providing you with real-time reporting and control.

​Sophos offers many dependable strengths:

User-friendly control and management interface

Setting up and managing security policies for users is simple and easy when using Sophos’ centralised cloud-based management console.

Powerful automation

Integrated and synchronised protection that automatically identifies and isolates threats.

Fully aware system

Sophos detects and prevents system breaches across your IT ecosystem by operating with full awareness of objects and events on the network.

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Choose your package

The Sophos firewall and security services are available in an Enterprise Guard or Full Guard package with the option of adding additional features.​

The Enterprise Guard offers network protection, blocks harmful traffic and enables secure access for authorised users while also ensuring safe browsing through protection from spyware and viruses. The Full Guard also filters incoming and outgoing email and protects against spam, viruses, whaling and phishing.​ This package further protects externally facing servers, applications and wireless networks.

Enterprise Guard
From R 983 per month
  • Firewall
  • Bandwidth management
  • VPN
  • Reporting
  • Web filter
Full Guard
From R 1462 per month
  • Firewall
  • Bandwidth management
  • VPN
  • Reporting
  • Web filter
  • Intrusion prevention
  • Mail protection
  • Routing
  • Wireless management and protection
  • Web server protection

You have the option to add extra features to your package.

Choose your extra features below:

  • ​Endpoint: Device anti-virus protection that identifies and blocks threats - from R44 per user per month.
  • Ransomware: Protection against threats that limit users from accessing their systems and data until a ransom is paid - from R57 per month.
  • Sandstorm: Blocks evasive threats, sending them to a Cloud sandbox to be detonated and observed in a safe environment - from R296 per month (Firewall required).

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Synchronised security is a best-of-breed security system where integrated products dynamically share threat, health and security information. The result of this improved exchange is better and faster protection against advanced threats. It’s a simple yet revolutionary concept.

Sophos Central Admin delivers a complete management console hosted in the cloud for around the clock access to the main control interface from anywhere. The console lets you install any server-side products, manage backups apply updates, add new clients and monitor performance from any web browser.

Sophos supports Windows, Mac, Sophos Secure OS (Linux), Linux, iOS, Chrome OS and Android devices.

Certainly! Or we wouldn’t call it a comprehensive security solution!

You can configure your Windows Server as a update cache resource that will deploy updates to new devices as they connect to your environment. This makes all updates and patches localised so you don’t need to pull the same file twice.

All data is encrypted and all applications are monitored for security. Communications between clients and cloud-based resources occur over HTTPS and constantly monitored connections.

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