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Secure your business with Securemail from Ignite

If your business needs robust and easy-to-use security for your email, Securemail is the perfect solution for you. With advanced spam detection and 100% virus protection, Securemail is the final line of defence to protect your business from spam, viruses and phishing attempts.

Ignite’s Securemail is delivered via the Cloud. This means there’s no clunky software to manage and an always-accessible management interface and unmatched availability.

Robust security

Keep end users safe from spam, phishing and email viruses

Easy installation

Simply change your DNS records to get up and running, fast


Secure, powerful and easy-to-use administration interface


Powerful reporting

Detailed management reports and statistics to inform your decisions

Greater control

Central management for all policies and user queries


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Securemail is a robust, time-tested security solution for email. It will ensure that your mailbox remains free of spam, viruses and phishing attempts. Phishing is when someone impersonates a reputable company (for example, a bank) to trick the recipient to reveal personal and valuable information.

Regardless of the form of threat, many breaches to a company’s network occur through the use of email. As a result, it’s critical to ensure that threats are halted before they reach your inbox. Securemail is the exact solution to provide ironclad security to your mail platform. It boasts 100% virus protection and advanced spam detection to ensure that your business remains virus-free and productive.

Securemail is built for purpose, it is not just a bolt-on. This means that security is at the very centre of the design of the product, and more robust than many of the bolt-on services you’ve come across. Because Securemail is locally built, it focuses on the types of threats facing South Africa, not only the broad trends that are encountered internationally. For example, phishers might impersonate South African banks but because of Securemail’s knowledge of this sector, it can discern whether the mail you are being sent is from that particular bank.

All mail has two directions, or ‘routes’. Inbound – which is essentially the route that mail that people have sent to you takes – and outbound – which is the route that your sent mail takes to get to them.

Once you make a purchase, we’ll be in contact to walk you through these changes if required. If, however, you’re able to make these changes, they are detailed below.

In order for the Securemail platform to work, we must ensure that both of these routes go via Securemail. For inbound mail, this means a change to your MX records on your DNS; and for outbound, this means a change to your SMTP settings on your mail platform.

You must implement these MX records with your DNS provider for the service to work:

  • MX 1: 10 securemail-mx1.synaq.com
  • MX 2: 20 securemail-mx2.synaq.com

Similarly you will also need to change your outbound SMTP route to deliver via the following SMTP server. This change can be made on your current email platform.

  • Outbound Server: smtp-securemail.synaq.com
  • Port: 587 or 25. Please use 465 for TLS.

The platform is provisioned and available for use instantly. You will need to make the MX and SMTP server changes listed above to start using the service.

You will be billed per Active User per month for the service. An Active User is a mailbox that sends one clean email (i.e. an email that makes it through the anti-virus/anti-spam features of the service) or receives on 22 clean emails in a month. Your first bill will arrive on the last day of the first month of the use of the service, once we’ve had the chance to see your activity on the platform.

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