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NeoBroadband: Uncapped, Unshaped fibre

NeoBroadband from Ignite gives you Uncapped, Unshaped, Symmetrical fibre with competitively low contention. NeoBroadband Fibre is an excellent value-based internet access service that provides connectivity of up to 200Mbps. NeoBroadband is provided by the Liquid Telecom network for state-of-the-art fibre infrastructure that gives you best-in-class bandwidth.

The strengths of NeoBroadband:

Superior network

The NeoBroadband network has very low latency, giving you a superior web experience.

Symmetrical service

Upload and download speeds are equal with Neo Fibre, which means no more waiting for large file uploads to complete.

Seamless upgrade path

Up your connection speed with the click of a mouse button.

Static IP Addresses

Static IP Addresses are provided for easier and more reliable network accessibility.


Got any questions? Bring it On.

Think of the way cars slow down on a congested highway. It’s the same when there’s a large volume of data traffic on your network – it might slow down. Best effort means it will work as well as it can under the circumstances i.e. the number of users on the network at any one time.

Please see the table below. FUPs are based on the selected line speed.

Speed Soft Cap (GB) Rate Limit
5Mbps 750 2.5Mbps
10Mbps 1500 5Mbps
15Mbps 2250 7.5Mbps
20Mbps 3000 10Mbps
30Mbps 4500 15Mbps
50Mbps 7500 25Mbps
100Mbps 15000 50Mbps
200Mbps 30000 100Mbps

The contention ratio for NeoBroadband Fibre is 10:1. This means that up to 10 broadband customers are sharing the same bandwidth at any one time. Neo Wireless offers a contention ratio of 25:1.