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Enjoy wide coverage with LTE

Wide-open spaces, although pretty, pose a challenge for communications. LTE carries your connection in the sky to bring high-speed wireless connectivity to locations that were previously out of reach. Although LTE and LTE-A are essentially the same technology, Ignite’s business LTE uses the Cell C network. This broadens our coverage and gives you extra choice when seeking a solution that perfectly matches your available connectivity, business requirements and budget. Our expanded reach is yours to leverage.

Some of the benefits of LTE include:

Lower cost solution

The LTE network’s lower data costs makes it a more affordable solution.

Wider coverage

The LTE network is more extensive than the LTE-A network.

Fastest turnaround time

There's no faster way to get online, period. Your connection will be up and running in no more than seven working days of placing your order with us.

Less hardware-related downtime

A large percentage of downtime relates to network cable faults, damage or even theft. LTE eliminates all of these as the solution is 100% wireless.

No cables

Except for the power cable, there is no fixed line requirement. Plug in your wireless router and get online in minutes.

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To configure your APN, please follow the instructions listed in this guide.

Although Cell C's LTE network is shared, unlike Rain’s dedicated LTE-A network, it is considerably more extensive. The technology behind LTE and LTE-A is essentially the same but LTE-A uses a more advanced set of standards. It's up to you to match your data, business requirements and budget with the options available.

Cell C advertise speeds of 69Mbps download and up to 25Mbps upload on their network, although this is dependent on the number of users connecting to the device, distance to tower, line of sight, the number of users on that specific base station, as well as spectrum allocation.

While you will be billed pro-rata for this service monthly from the day of activation of the SIM card, the once-off setup fee is payable upfront.

A coverage map is provided for you to check if your premises is in range of the Cell C LTE network. No colour over the map means there is no coverage in your area.

The LTE SIM and router are configured and linked after the purchase of the service and therefore work as a single unit.

Monthly inclusive data will deplete first, followed by top up data.

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