Turbocharge your Internet Connectivity with Ignite Fibre

Ignite Fibre gives your business an Uncapped, Unshaped connection with no restrictions and FUP’s powered by Vumatel. Our Startup, Business and Business Premium Park packages are structured to meet the connectivity needs of any business. Show more

Ignite Fibre cuts out the middleman by collaborating with Vumatel on your behalf, simplifying the setup of your fibre and saving you valuable time. Ignite Fibre is your direct solution for turbocharged, hassle-free, business-capable Internet.

Ignite Fibre start up packages offer you tailored packages that take into account your everyday internet and Business Start-Up needs, providing you with an uncapped, unshaped and asymmetrical line, because we know you’ll need the extra download capabilities.

Our Business package makes sure your uncapped, unshaped line with equal upload and download speeds is perfectly suited to handle your business requirements.

If your office is in a business park, we’ve got you covered with our uncapped and unshaped symmetrical Business Premium Park packages. These will give you the connectivity freedom empowering your business with a superior internet connection enabling your employees the opportunity to always do their best work. Show less

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Am I covered by Ignite Fibre?

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How does Ignite Fibre benefit me?

Flexible Uncapped Data Packages

Ignite Fibre comes in three different packages that are intended to meet your connectivity needs. Upgrade your router with our Business and Premium Business Park packages


We won’t throttle your Fibre line no matter how much data your business uses

Free installation and connection worth R2200

Save on the connection fee, the configuration of your Fibre line to connect to the internet as well as the delivery of your router

Got any questions?

Approximately 14 working days.

Vumatel will contact you within 3 business days to schedule a date to install the fibre from your pavement or basement into your premises. Once the fibre (CPE) has been installed, our courier partner will contact you to schedule an appointment to deliver your plug 'n play router. You will be requested to provide a copy of your ID Document upon delivery of the device.

Symmetrical means that your upload and download speeds are equal. Asymmetrical means that your upload and download speeds are different. The download speed is how fast you can pull data from the Internet to your PC or device and the upload speed is how fast you can send data to the Internet.

A Fair Usage Policy (FUP) on most Uncapped accounts means that your provider is typically managing your usage on the network. Typically your line speed or usage would be throttled if a certain amount of data is used within the monthly billing period.