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Hosted Premium Email connects your business to the world

While there are a hundreds of new ways for people to communicate, email is still a pillar in every business’ communication strategy. Your information is stored safely and you can access it from anywhere. Send and receive mails, share your calendar and organise appointments from wherever you are from your laptop, tablet or smartphone. Use virtually any mail client to connect to your mailbox and take advantage of a host of email features.

Messaging and archiving

Hosted Premium Email is the only local solution that delivers hosted email services and archiving on a single platform

Device agnostic

Your email your way - use your preferred devices to send emails, share calendars and access your archived email.

Anywhere, anytime accessibility

Stay in touch from anywhere in the world through any connection while keeping your data safe.

Synchronised mailboxes

Mailboxes across all your devices automatically stay up-to-date with one another so that actions don’t need to be repeated.

Easy to use

The simplicity of Hosted Premium Mail means that you’re free to focus on the business at hand.


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Hosted Premium Email supports a wide range of email clients. Your choice of client may depend on personal preference and feature requirements. Ignite caters to all popular mail clients such as Outlook for Windows, Apple mail, Thunderbird, Zimbra Desktop and Webmail and other linux based mail clients. Full support for shared calendars, contacts, global address list and other features gives your small to medium business the communications platform it needs stay connected with the world.

Hosted Premium Email supports the latest Windows/Mac desktops and laptops and also supports Android and iOS devices.

Hosted Premium Email is accessible via a web interface to ensure that you can access your mail from anywhere. You’ll always have access to your email even in the event of losing your laptop or other device.

Your emails are stored on our datacentres in a highly secure physical premises and is managed by our team of email and security specialists who ensure compliance standards are met and that your email database and contact lists aren’t compromised, ever.

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