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Ignite's Essentials Fibre: Fast & Furious internet speeds up to 200Mbps

Essentials Fibre from Ignite gives you Uncapped, Unshaped, Symmetrical fibre with competitively low contention. Essentials Fibre is an excellent value-based internet access service that provides connectivity of up to 200Mbps, leveraging the state-of-the-art Internet Solutions network and the infrastructure of our fibre partners.

As symmetrical fibre, up and download speeds are the same. With so many cloud-based applications in use, upload speeds have become equally important to download speeds. Companies are constantly pushing large files to servers hosted outside of their local environments. Your business can enjoy a truly powerful connection that shoulders serious two-way internet traffic.

Here’s why:

Adaptable solution

The option of a Capped or Uncapped package lets you balance speed with data requirements.

Future-proof setup

No new infrastructure required to upscale your connection as your requirements grow.

Month-to-month contract

We won’t lock you in. Essentials is available on a month-to-month basis.

Setting you Up for Success

We provide everything you need to get up and running, your set up fee includes your router and the relevant configurations.

Static IP Addresses

Static IP Addresses for easier and more reliable network accessibility


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  • 2-8Mbps: Suitable for basic day-to-day business functions including web browsing, email, Skype, Dropbox and HTTP downloads. 8mbps fibre may sound slow, but keep in mind that fibre is much faster and more reliable than its ADSL equivalent. Up and download speeds are also the same on fibre.
  • 10-40Mbps: An especially fast connection that caters for high usage internet for medium sized businesses. Run a host of online applications, download large files and enjoy quality video calls without a hitch.
  • 50-100Mbps: Unrivalled connectivity that will perform without hindrance even during the most demanding simultaneous usage. Seriously fast fibre for the business that’s serious about seriously fast fibre.

  • 20-50GB: Suitable for low-intensity, day-to-day usage for a small team.
  • 50-200GB: This will cater for relatively heavy usage including VoIP calls and frequent uploading and downloading for the medium sized business.
  • 200-500GB: Suitable companies with continuous heavy usage requirements.

  • Place the order after choosing a Capped or Uncapped Essentials Fibre connection and a package with a suitable bandwidth size and line speed.
  • We provision the Last Mile and schedule installation. With fibre lines already in place, installation will take approximately 21-40 days. If fibre lines are not yet close enough to your premises, it might take up to 120 days.
  • Your router is delivered to you via courier.
  • We install the connection point on your premises and set up the router.

Capped packages are unshaped and are given higher priority on the network meaning that the connection will be faster. If you know your usage, you can opt for a Capped package and ensure that the line speed is always optimal.​

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