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High-quality calls. Predictable costs. Cutting-edge technology.

Cloud PBX replaces your traditional PBX system with an internet-based voice solution that gives you all the functionality and control you need. Seamlessly configure, add, modify, monitor and future-proof your organisation’s communications infrastructure with Ignite’s Cloud PBX solution.

Why upgrade to a cloud-based voice solution?

No hardware required

No investment in hardware or costly maintenance contracts. Cloud PBX is powerful and simple to implement.


With no upfront hardware investment and a massive reduction in call costs, you save all the way.

Easy to setup and use

All you need is a reliable, stable Internet connection.


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The Regulation of Interception of Communications and Provision of Communication-Related Information Act (Rica) documents are required for any Internet connectivity and Popi-related exchange of information online and is a stipulated Telkom clause.

Retail rates (per second billing) including VAT (per minute).

Landline: R0.3078
Vodacom: R0.741
MTN: R0.741
Cell C: R0.741
8ta: R0.741

You can use your existing broadband Internet infrastructure with our voice service. However, it is important to note that in some instances, when there is heavy upload and download activity or congestion at the exchange, the quality of your voice calls can be affected. It is recommended that you have a separate line for voice and data to ensure Quality of Service or a connectivity medium that is more reliable in terms of contention ratios, priority of applications or a fibre medium.

Internet congestion or heavy bandwidth usage can affect the quality of your voice service. For example, online gaming or file-sharing uses more bandwidth. You should consider increasing your existing bandwidth or have a dedicated line for your voice service to guarantee voice quality.

The set-up cost for the service is R1 500 including VAT and includes the following:

  • Installation
  • Basic IVR setup
  • Configuration of extensions
  • Introductory PBX training

There are free and paid-for options for a softphone client available. While we do not provide these directly, we have worked successfully with various softphones. When selecting a softphone, please ensure that it supports the G729 codec. We recommend the following softphone clients (they are paid for and supported by the companies that supply the software):

You will still be able to receive calls until you top up. Any airtime purchased will be there until you use it and won’t expire.

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