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Tried and trusted Capped ADSL solutions

DSL from Ignite delivers a dynamic range of connectivity solutions that give small to medium businesses the quality of service they need to perform. We offer Uncapped and Capped bandwidth packages that give you the flexibility of choice to implement the solution that your business requires. We don’t limit your options; we give you the full range of options to build solutions around your needs.

Widely available infrastructure

The infrastructure for DSL lines is widely available since it runs on existing Telkom telephone lines. This means if you’ve got a landline, you can get DSL

Lower cost solution

With a range of line speed selections available, from 2 to 40 Mbps, you can choose a solution to suit your budget

Unshaped connections

Capped DSL products don’t throttle your line based on the traffic that comes through it. All the different protocols get the same priority over capped DSL for business

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  • 2-8Mbps: Suitable for basic day-to-day business functions including web browsing, email, Skype, Dropbox and HTTP downloads. 8mbps fibre may sound slow, but keep in mind that fibre is much faster and more reliable than its ADSL equivalent. Up and download speeds are also the same on fibre.
  • 10-40Mbps: An especially fast connection that caters for high usage internet for medium sized businesses. Run a host of online applications, download large files and enjoy quality video calls without a hitch.
  • 50-100Mbps: Unrivalled connectivity that will perform without hindrance even during the most demanding simultaneous usage. Seriously fast fibre for the business that’s serious about seriously fast fibre.

  • 20-50GB: Suitable for low-intensity, day-to-day usage for a small team.
  • 50-200GB: This will cater for relatively heavy usage including VoIP calls and frequent uploading and downloading for the medium sized business.
  • 200-500GB: Suitable companies with continuous heavy usage requirements.

You’ll need an analogue line (which is just a fancy name for a telephone line). You’ll also need a DSL line, but if you provide us with your landline number, we’ll manage the DSL line application and installation for you. If you’re logged onto your Ignite Portal and are ordering a DSL service, simply choose ‘Yes, I need an IS-managed Telkom DSL Service’. We’ll run with it from there, no stress.

Oh yes, you’ll l also need a router to get online, but don’t worry, we’ve got that covered. Order your router through our website or select the Premium DSL option, which includes your router. In short, every DSL product of ours that’s labelled Premium will include a router. Alternatively, you can buy a router separately from our DSL Add-Ons page.

  • Capped Business DSL: With Capped DSL you get a specific amount of data for the month. Once this has been used, you’ll need to buy more data. The amount of data allocated will be dependent on the package you choose. A Capped DSL solution gives you the ability to increase your data package as your business demands. Capped DSL is unshaped, which means that no specific protocol is prioritised over another.
  • Uncapped Business DSL: With Uncapped DSL you get unlimited data and can access the Internet 24/7 without worrying about reaching your cap. Here you have the benefit of a fixed monthly bill with no additional data costs. This package is recommended for high-usage and downloading, but your Internet speeds may vary as we do prioritise certain protocols over others.

    An Acceptable Usage Policy applies to Capped and Uncapped DSL offerings. When choosing between these two services, it is important that you understand your business’ connectivity demands.

You can buy a top-up through the Ignite website. Log in to your Ignite Portal, click My Services in the top navigation bar. Select your Capped DSL product and click on View. Click the Top-Up tab and choose the top-up value you want, then check out. Et Voila!

An IP address is a unique string of numbers that is used to send and receive information over the Internet. If you are connected to the Internet, your computer will have an IP address, which can be a Static IP address or a Dynamic IP address. A Dynamic IP address means the IP address allocated to your computer will vary according to how you connect to the Internet.

A Static IP address does not change every time you connect – it remains the same and should be used for dedicated services such as mail, FTP (File Transfer Protocol) and VPN (Virtual Private Network) servers. It enables the creation or hosting of computer servers and makes it easier for you to get geolocation services to accurately pick up where you are located. To set up your Static IP, it is recommended that you get assistance from a technical resource.

DSL solutions come in a Shaped or Unshaped connection. This refers to the way in which information flow is prioritised over the connection to your computer.

Shaped DSL Solutions prioritise business applications like email, with web browsing, Internet banking and normal downloads. This means that any other online activity will receive a lower priority when the network is busy. Shaped connections are unique to Uncapped DSL offerings.

Unshaped DSL solutions treat all protocols with the same priority and offer optimal Internet access for Skype, VoIP, forex or share trading, and secure networks from home or VPNs. Unshaped connections are important for P2P applications and video streaming. Unshaped DSL solutions are unique to the Ignite Capped Offerings and our DSL Uncapped Premium offering.

Some of our Uncapped DSL offerings come with two concurrent connections. This gives you the ability to use one DSL solution at more than one premises, (for example if you have one location in Johannesburg and another in Cape Town, you can leverage the same DSL solution). All you will need to enable this functionality is an additional router and DSL line.

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