Here's an offer you can't refuse —

High-speed connectivity meets secure Cloud storage

No modern business is complete without fast connectivity and secure data storage. Our LTE Advanced and Cloud Backup bundle gives you both at an irresistible price. Get the LTE-A 85GB data package for R799 per month and we will throw in a 10GB free Cloud Backup storage.

Cloud Backup reduces your chances of losing critical data. It uses powerful encryption to ensure that all data is secure before it's transmitted. It's priced at a fixed cost so budgeting is predictable and transparent. And it guarantees excellent redundancy by duplicating data across several locations.

LTE Advanced is the leading wireless connectivity standard. Its speed makes it ideal for a wide variety of modern business applications. It also involves minimal hardware and cables which means you can power-up your router and get online in minutes with less chance of hardware-related downtime.

Combined, they form the future-proof business solution that empowers you to get connected and to back up on the go.

Not a fan of commitments? Neither are we. All our products are available on a month-to-month basis.