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Secure, compliant, email storage with Ignite Archiving

Maintaining compliance standards, and ensuring you will never lose an email again. Ignite Archiving is a 10-year, secure, unlimited archive that integrates seamlessly with all major email platforms, keeping your data safe and readily available from anywhere.

Easy-to-use software means that you’re up and running in no time at all – making data retrieval, regulatory compliance and disaster recovery a breeze.

Protect your data

Never lose an email again with 10-year retention of all emails.

Free Setup

Free setup valued at R2875 and a cost effective per user pricing model ensuring this solution scales with your business growth.

Unlimited, Safe archive

Never worry about email data loss again – regardless of the amount or size of emails, we keep them safe.

Access from anywhere

This cloud-based platform gives you access to your archive from anywhere in the world.


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Archiving from Ignite stores all your email – inbound and outbound, including all attachments – on a secure platform that is not a part of your core email platform – for example, Office 365. This is done so that if there are any issues with your core platform, you can still recover your email. Archiving from Ignite is cloud-based, meaning that the Archiving environment is accessible from the internet and does not require you to purchase or maintain any equipment.

Traditionally, to deliver Archiving for email that was both robust and compliant, businesses would spend many thousands of Rands on the appropriate equipment and people to manage that equipment. They would then need ensure that they had the appropriate facilities – power, water, and cooling – to ensure that they were always up and working. Ignite Archiving removes all of the complexity that comes with that approach and delivers all the functionality you would expect from a compliant archive, while charging you a simple per user fee.

Many of the large cloud providers in the market offer personal archiving. This is perfect for clients who are only interested in archiving for the purposes of not losing any emails. However, often companies are required by law to retain all communications with their clients for a number of years. In the instance where an employee leaves, when that user is deleted off the relevant cloud platform, their archive is deleted with them – this is because it is a personal archive. If that same client used Archiving from Ignite, their data would remain available for a period of 10 years, regardless of whether that person is still with the company or not.

Yes – however this does involve an additional cost – this is due to the amount of engineering and project management time required to ingest the data into the platform. You will need to be able to provide your legacy archive data on a self-powered USB drive in .eml, .pst or .msg format.

You will be billed up front for the migration of any data into the archiving platform (i.e. the ingestion fee). In addition you will be billed monthly on a per user basis. No billing for data stored, or age of the data. So, the fees are as follows:

  • Per User monthly fee (billed based on the amount of mailboxes you have) – the fee that covers the licence and data associated to each mailbox that we archive.
  • Ingestion Fee – this is a once off, per GB fee for ingesting your already existing archived data into our archive. This is an optional fee based on your request.
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