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Our services can be purchased online with no long-term contracts - meaning no paperwork -and once payment is received, your services are activated immediately. We have outlined some of the fine print in the tabs below, for your convenience.

  • Please refer to the offer dates on the discount offer to ensure your offer is still valid.
  • Discount vouchers are valid as a once-off discount for the first month of service for the product you selected. Vouchers are valid for a new purchase on our online store only and cannot be used as a discount for your monthly subscriptions.
  • Your discount voucher qualifies you for up to the value (i.e., R500.00) off of your purchase, this is due to the nature of our month-to-month contracts. Your service may equate to a lesser value than the discount voucher, or if you purchase the service midway through the month, your discount will be calculated based on the pro-rata billing amount for the remaining days of the month

By using our WhatsApp channel, you agree to adhere to the WhatsApp Legal Terms of Service:
As owners of the Ignite Sales WhatsApp Channel, we have determined rules of engagement that encourage respectful behaviour, and we reserve the right to monitor and block any content and number should the rules of engagement not be adhered to.In extreme cases, we have the right to block any user from using the WhatsApp Channel. Kindly note the rules of engagement below:

  1. Abusive, obscene and offensive messages.
  2. Messages irrelevant to Ignite.
  3. Messages in violation of South African laws and regulations.
  4. Messages that pose a violation to IPs of other brands.
  5. Trolling and harassment.

For urgent matters or non-sales related queries, please contact our support team on 087 701 0222 or alternatively on .

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