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We enable unlimited opportunities for business growth

SMEs have always been very important to the Internet Solutions family and over the years we have grown several businesses to focus on the unique ICT needs of SMEs.

Because of this however, there was confusion in the marketplace regarding our different SME offerings. To provide our clients with clarity we decided to consolidate our SME products and services under one brand. This merger also allows us to strengthen our offering by combining our experience, knowledge and tools. The result? A world-class client experience and increased efficiencies.

And so in April 2016 MWEB Business, IS Ignite (SME) and the IS Direct (SME Business Unit) merged to form a new brand, Ignite. We chose the name ‘Ignite’ because it best communicates our brand purpose: To enable unlimited opportunities for business growth; to be the spark that ignites SMEs’ potential. The name expresses the energy and excitement we feel when we think about our reason for being. We recognise that the SME sector in South Africa is a significant contributor to our economy. And we want to be a part of the SME journey by providing our clients with an ecosystem of digital tools that makes running a business easier. Our offerings work smoothly behind the scenes so our clients can focus on doing what they do best.

We take our client promise of ‘Simplicity, Flexibility and Reliability’ seriously and have developed products and services that uniquely cater for SMEs, who have to be agile and lean when operating in a fluctuating economy. Long-term commitments are not required and clients can enjoy plug ‘n play solutions and self-service offerings with 24/7 support.

Ignite is still very much a part of Internet Solutions and our journey continues as we consolidate and automate our products, while looking to grow the Ignite brand on the continent.

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